Just Lemons fabric collection

My latest fabric collection is now available from Henry Glass Fabrics! “Just Lemons” is bright and cheery in shades of yellow and blue. The original watercolor paintings were inspired by a visit to my friend Wendy’s place, on a dreary, cold January day. I discovered her lemon tree in her little greenhouse and just had to paint lemons and the incredibly fragrant blossoms! https://www.henryglassfabrics.net/just-lemons/

Peek into my studio

I absolutely ADORE peonies! I have sweet memories of picking them from my great grandmother’s garden across from the Gettysburg battlefield as a young girl. Some of those same plants are now growing in my garden here in Washington; I’ve transplanted them with every move for the past few decades. The painting here is featured in my LANG “Botanical Inspiration” calendar.

Cardinal Birdhouse Collection

My brand new Cardinal Birdhouse collection features cardinals, birdhouses and holly and will be available in a huge selection of products from LANG soon, including ceramics, kitchen items and linens!

Fresh Vegetables!

My new “Fresh Vegetables” was inspired by visits to my local farmers market and my own garden. Accented with inspirational text and vintage 1800’s seed catalogs, products include kitchen textiles, coasters, trays, and dishes.