From the beautiful Willamette Valley of Central Oregon, artist Jane Shasky paints beautifully detailed watercolors celebrating the flowers, plant and bird-life surrounding her Pacific Northwest home. Her paintings are remarkable for their detail and warm love of life. To see Jane’s work is to experience the timeless cycle of seasons; from the bounty of summer flowers and fresh-picked herbs to the delightful visitations of native birds perched among autumn leaves or singing from snowy winter branches in the nearby woods. In every scene she captures, Jane pays meticulous, almost photographic attention to color and detail, yet somehow still conveys the magic and sense of wonder at the nature all around her. With every stroke of her brush, she creates a feeling of serenity that brings the joy, grace and peace of the garden indoors.

Jane is a gifted photographer as well as painter and the two talents merge in her work. When asked about her influences and inspirations, Jane recounts, “My most cherished early memories are of time spent with my grandmothers, Rose and Viola, surrounded by lilacs and peonies in their country gardens. They planted their love of nature in me like seeds, so throughout my life much of my inspiration has sprouted from that deep connection they showed to me. Being an artist isn’t what I do as much as it is how I experience life and relate to the natural world. To me, the magic is in the act of seeing; noting the color and light, the shadows and the tiniest of details, and in finding a way to instill it with the joy and good fortune I feel in being a part of it all.”